SEDGE launched to deliver a new era of AI solutions for liner shipping


As liner shipping wrestles to manage the multiple challenges of this fast-changing sector, SEDGE was launched last week (18 February) to empower liner operators to optimise decision-making by leveraging Artificial Intelligence analytics.

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Liner shipping is a highly complex, regulated, and fast-moving industry involving multiple-party transactions across international borders. Outdated legacy IT systems and manual tasks now leave many carriers unable to effectively manage rapid changes in charter schedules, bunker procurement, container leasing, and even fluctuations in port service charges.

“For far too long, shipping executives have made multi-million-dollar decisions without having the right data and analysis to assess and evaluate highly complex operations and proactively manage the associated costs and opportunities,” said Vijay Minocha, Chief Commercial Officer for Solverminds Solutions and Technologies.

“SEDGE’s cloud-based AI analytics online platform empowers liner operators to make evaluated decisions across a broad range of operational activities optimizing services to improve efficiency and drive down costs.” he added.

Now data-led decisions can be made with confidence for vessel and port operations, sales and marketing, product development, fleet and service deployment, finance and accounting, and procurement of inland logistics. Demand is now growing for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand the complex patterns in shipping and perform advanced statistical analysis to powerfully visualise data, predict outcomes, and optimise decision making.

SEDGE allows carriers to quickly extract, transform and load data from multiple sources or integrate the solution to their own platforms. Data analysis can not only reduce costs but also optimise operational execution. An example would be optimising port costs by evaluating and avoiding busy or congested periods and proposing alternate data-backed options.

While Solverminds’ technological focus is on delivering reliable, resilient, and robust solutions that embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Predictive Analytics, and Big Data, its strategic focus remains on quality and customer-centric approach, research and developments, and thought leadership.

Solverminds is a smart and sophisticated technology provider of a wide range of solutions and services that enfolds integrated and bespoke ERP, global consulting, cloud system, and advanced analytics. They help their customers ascend the ridges of an extremely competitive current world by automating their business processes together with an offering of actionable insights, predictive outcomes, and optimised solutions to make informed decisions.

“We see the rollout of AI for Liner Shipping as a strategic turning point for the industry, those that embrace the opportunities that SEDGE offers will reap the rewards and realise the tangible benefits to their operations and bottom line,” said Anthony Damian, Founder and Director of Solverminds Solutions and Technologies.

Shipping needs to embrace AI

“Shipping lines that fail to embrace AI could miss out on opportunities and streamlined operations, while their competitors realise the benefits. Carriers that integrate AI technologies into their organisations in 2021 will enjoy the increased efficiency and exponential value that come with artificial intelligence such as that provided by SEDGE,” concluded Minocha.

Based in Atlanta, USA, SEDGE is made up of a dynamic team of data scientists, ML Engineers, Data Engineers and experts who are passionate about product building, application services, AI models and creative solutions using numbers. SEDGE is a subsidiary of Solverminds (est. 2003) with 400+ resources located globally in India, Singapore, Germany, UK, and the USA .

Source: Press release