Ristorante, elevating the dining experience for families and youngsters

    Ristorante, unveiled on December 1, 2023, introduces an inventive dining concept designed to transcend the ordinary culinary experience. It is a place where patrons can immerse themselves in exceptional ambiance and explore diverse premium menus, meticulously designed to cater to families and the vibrant younger generation.

    (Left: Ristorante at Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto, Jakarta; Right: Ristorante at Jl. Raya Darmo, Surabaya) Introducing Ristorante by Pizza Hut Indonesia: Elevate dining with premium offerings. From the tantalizing Bifuteki Steak to the heavenly Quattro Formaggi Pizza, savor a refined culinary journey at our 21 selected locations. | Photo by Pizza Hut Indonesia/NHA File Photo

    Ristorante, by Indonesians for Indonesians

    Ristorante is more than just a concept; it is a manifestation of local ingenuity–an idea created by Pizza Hut Indonesia, formulated and executed by Indonesians, for Indonesians. At the core of Ristorante lies Pizza Hut’s commitment to being a constant presence for every moment in their customers’ lives. Tailored for the dynamic lifestyles of the younger generation, Ristorante provides a setting where friends and family can gather, indulge in excellent cuisine, and forge enduring memories.

    As a go-to destination for individuals seeking a fresh and affordable option for dining and socialising, Ristorante offers a diverse menu at reasonable prices. This welcoming space is designed for friends and family to gather and create lasting memories. The standout feature of Ristorante is its curated premium menus, boasting exclusive offerings not available in Pizza Hut Restaurant nor Pizza Hut Delivery, such as Bifuteki steak, Pasta con Bistecca, Quattro Formaggi pizza, Panna cotta, Salmon/Chicken Caesar Salad, and Margherita Pizza.

    Ristorante aims to provide a distinctive space for young individuals, particularly Gen Z and Millennials, to unwind and connect with friends while relishing exceptional food. “Ristorante merges comfort food with a hint of sophistication to meet the lifestyle needs of young Indonesians today who are seeking unique environment while indulging in top-notch culinary experiences. We have elevated and curated the menus, ambiance, and service for them to create deeper connections with their closed ones,” saysBoy Lukito, Director of Operations Pizza Hut Indonesia.

    To celebrate its grand opening, Ristorante is offering a limited-time 25 per cent discount on premium menus until January 31, 2024, across all 21 outlets. Find Ristorante in various cities, including Jakarta, Malang, SurabayaTangerang, Pamulang, Bekasi, Makassar, and Padang. Follow the official Instagram page @pizzahut.indonesia and download the Pizza Hut app to stay updated on various promotions. By ordering through the app, customers can earn points which can be redeemed for complimentary items like pizza, pasta, appetisers, and more.

    Source: Pizza Hut Indonesia