Peasy.AI launches #KitaMasihBoleh: A lifetime free subscription for entrepreneurs, SMEs and local businesses

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    • Peasy is the easiest and most effective way to drive online to offline sales. Peasy’s AI is
      able to create and run Facebook & Google campaigns targeting genuine prospects, in preference to just paying for meaningless clicks and leads that will not convert. In just 3 simple steps, Peasy can deliver an incoming lead from online to your salesperson WhatsApp.
    • With the #KitaMasihBoleh campaign, Peasy.AI will provide local entrepreneurs, SMEs and businesses a lifetime free subscription to its software and academy

     It is a difficult time for businesses worldwide. Since the first movement control order (MCO) was implemented in March 2019, more than 30,000 small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have ceased operations permanently. In order to survive and succeed in this challenging business environment, companies everywhere are forced to embrace digitalisation. Understanding the struggles that most companies are facing amidst rapid digitalisation movements, the one-stop digital marketing AI infused platform – Peasy.AI is thrilled to launch the #KitaMasihBoleh campaign. In support of local entrepreneurs and SMEs, Peasy.AI will be offering a free lifetime access to its software and academy, enabling businesses to create and run effective marketing campaigns to drive sales with ease.

    Although Malaysians have been quick with embracing all things digital, from e-wallets to online grocery shopping, moving one’s entire business model in the same direction is a whole different ball game, for a number of barriers stand in the way, including cost, security implications, and an overwhelming of available options. According to the Malaysia Digital Economy Corp (MDEC), about 54% of SMEs have embarked on their digital journey, 90% are aware about the significance of having digital solutions, and 18% have yet to digitise.

    Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo by Bench Accounting/Unsplash

    Recently introduced, the #KitaMasihBoleh campaign provides local entrepreneurs and SMEs a lifetime free subscription to Peasy.AI’s digital marketing software. Built for the Online to Offline (O2O) commerce market, users will be able to access Peasy.AI’s two key products – Peasy Marketing and Peasy Sales. With Peasy Marketing, entrepreneurs will be able to create customer acquisition campaigns across Facebook, Google and Instagram. Peasy’s AI function will automatically recommend the best audience segments, targeting, bid and channel breakdown for each campaign. By automating the campaign’s performance optimization, unpredictable online advertising (ad) campaigns will be a thing of the past. Whereas, Peasy Sales provides a wholesome solution for the sales team to scale their selling via WhatsApp. By integrating WhatsApp with the online campaign, SMEs will be able to achieve 80% more contactable leads, and automatically match the campaign’s budget and bid with the audience potential value. With Peasy’s automation and chatbot handling repetitive questions, the sales team will be able to fully focus on closing deals with eligible, qualified leads.

    Additionally, the campaign also provides businesses free access to resources on the Peasy Academy. Offering unlimited, easy and digestible courses on digital marketing, through the Peasy Academy, SMEs will be able to upskill and learn how to carry out effective digital marketing. An approved partner under the BSN SME Digitisation Grant, applicants of the Grant will receive about RM7,000 worth of Facebook advertising, and a 1-year subscription to Peasy.AI’s full software solutions. The Grant is purposed to propel SMEs into adopting digitalisation in their operations. Overall, the #KitaMasihBoleh campaign provides local businesses with a golden opportunity to utilise Peasy.AI’s software, enhance their digital marketing knowledge and ultimately reach even more new customers online.

    Peasy.AI’s latest offering, the #KitaMasihBoleh campaign comes just in time with the Malaysian Government’s initiative to rapidly transform the country by embracing digital technologies. The Government via its Economic Planning Unit (EPU) recently launched its digital economy blueprint – MyDIGITAL in February 2021, encouraging over 875,000 micro, small and medium enterprises to accept the use of e-commerce.

    “Most businesses are simply just unprepared for digital transformation. We understand change is never easy, but it's easier when you have a friend in the know. What many don’t know is that, you don’t have to be an expert to achieve real results in digital marketing. With the #KitaMasihBoleh campaign, we want to help local SMEs and entrepreneurs kickstart their digital transformation with a free helping hand from us here at Peasy.AI Our platform will cut through the fluff and ease the complex lead generation process, allowing companies to increase productivity and subsequently improve their online business sales tremendously,” said Benjamin Fong, CEO of Peasy.AI

    He further added “It’s never too late to learn. The lessons on our Peasy Academy are aimed at facilitating the sharing of practical digital marketing knowledge. With removing the skill and cost barriers for SMEs to participate in the digital economy, we want to provide local businesses the opportunity to win the digital game and to go from merely surviving to thriving amidst this storm.”

    Established in 2018 by a Marketing Scientist with more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, Benjamin Fong, Peasy.AI is the easiest, most complete, end-to-end Sales and Marketing Automation Software as a Service (SaaS). Rather than pay for meaningless clicks and leads that will not convert, this is a fuss-free way to drive online to offline sales. The current lead generation process in the market takes the average sales person more than 30 days to call a new lead, and provide lead feedback to marketing. However, with Peasy.AI, the software automatically updates the targeted advertisement by analyzing the WhatsApp conversation log, resulting in 2.54x more contactable leads. In short, Peasy.AI provides any business owner with the ability to generate a consistent volume of high-quality leads and even equip the sales team with the latest insights to close a deal, without the need for coding and configuration.

    On average, Peasy.AI delivers 222% better Return on Investment (ROI) and is able to improve the sales team productivity by 27%. Peasy’s AI even predicts the ROI of the business, even before the user has started spending. This will enable entrepreneurs to make better informed decisions regarding their marketing spend. Since its establishment, Peasy.AI has helped numerous local businesses and entrepreneurs succeed in their digital journey including Nurraysa, Alcon Malaysia, Ultra Racing, and SP Setia. Within a span of one year alone, the company has grown by 11x. Peasy.AI’s users have also increased their digital ad spend by 32% resulting in an increase in online sales volume by 81%.

    Benjamin further commented, “Without Peasy.AI, programmers and marketers would need to integrate between multiple automated campaign optimization tools. What’s more, even with all these tools in place, you will still require a team of experts to use them, and since campaigns are created and run by intuition, instead of the data-driven approach, results may vary from time to time. To the newcomer, digital marketing may sound scary, capital intensive and complex to install and operate. However, it need not be so. Our machine learning solutions will automate complex analysis and optimization, enabling businesses, no matter the size, to afford good and effective digital marketing.”

    With all these plans and initiatives taking place, now is the best time to embark on your digital transformation journey with Peasy.AI. For more information on the #KitaMasihBoleh campaign or Peasy.AI, please visit their website


    About Peasy.AI
    Peasy.AI is a SaaS – Software as a Service, marketing platform that infuses AI to automate
    Facebook, Instagram and Google campaign planning, management and optimisation. Peasy.AI provides SMEs and enterprises with lead generation and management system solutions. Removing the skill and cost barrier for businesses to participate in the digital economy, Peasy.AI enables scalable and more effective Online to Offline (O2O) sales.

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