Japan Airlines and Ascenda announce strategic partnership to launch series of innovative loyalty offerings


    SINGAPORE, Jan. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Japan Airlines (JAL), the national airline of Japan, and Ascenda, a global innovator in loyalty management, have signed a strategic partnership to launch a series of market-leading rewards offerings for JAL Mileage Bank members.

    Under the new partnership, Ascenda has already connected the JAL Mileage Bank program to its global TransferConnect loyalty currency exchange network. For the first time, customers holding one of many international credit cards are now able to easily convert their bank rewards points into JAL Mileage Bank miles.

    The second major initiative is the launch of a global online rewards mall, going live in 2019 for JAL’s 33 million Mileage Bank members worldwide. This offering enables members to earn & redeem miles seamlessly online across thousands of product options in favorite spend categories such as hotel stays, car rentals, and merchandise.

    Furthermore, JAL is tapping Ascenda’s global loyalty expertise and services to define a range of future innovations ranging from mobile rewards applications to new financial services propositions.

    “We are pleased to be Japan Airlines’ global strategic partner supporting their ambitious growth and innovation roadmap”, said Kyle Armstrong, CEO of Ascenda. “We look forward to working together closely to launch our new collaborations in 2019 and continue to make significant investments to develop unique and innovative loyalty experiences catered to Japanese consumers.”

    About Ascenda

    Ascenda is a global provider of innovative loyalty solutions and operates premium rewards propositions for major financial services and travel brands worldwide.

    As a trusted partner empowering over 70 of the world’s leading rewards programs, Ascenda develops end-to-end solutions to address the most meaningful challenges facing the loyalty industry today.

    By deeply profiling local market needs to provide the right technology, content and value propositions alongside careful management of marketing, servicing, costs, and fraud, Ascenda delivers highly compelling and beautifully simple plug & play offerings that eliminate the trade-off between cost and customer value.

    For more information about Ascenda (formerly Kaligo Solutions), please visit www.ascendaloyalty.com.

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