In May 2019, UCSI Consulting Group signed a partnership with Superceed (M) Sdn Bhd to bring cutting edge AI technology that will propel Malaysian Business into the frontiers of Industry 4.0.

What makes this technology even more unique is that it is homegrown, developed by a local talent, Jeffrey Tan under his company, Superceed (M) Sdn Bhd.

Matthew Barsing, Superceed’s CEO believes that “The Future of Customer Experience is transforming via Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning & Multilingual AI Assistants. Millions of low value transactional jobs are disappearing and Millions of higher value jobs will be created. Through our partnership with UCSI Consulting, we will be reskilling & training Malaysians to embrace the impending Mega Technology Transformation.”

Likewise, Jeffrey Tan also has this to say about his work in AI, “This is just the beginning. We are rolling out the most compelling AI-driven, Omnichannel Customer Experience Platform. Businesses will be adding our solutions to their arsenal, sooner or later. Two thirds will do it within the next 2 years. With UCSI Consulting’s Blue Ocean Strategy team handholding clients on the implementation of our AI solutions, we hope to help businesses benefit quickly from highly profitable use cases.”

Together with UCSI Consulting Group, Superceed will offer Voicebot technology that displays human-like ability to understand and respond to humans in voice-based conversations.

Essentially you will be served by a robot that will find solutions to your problems, let’s say with a banking issue, airline or holiday bookings and ticketing, hotel reservations, service disruption or provide rapid response to an emergency situation.

Other offerings would include a Robotics Process Automation technology that extracts key entity information such as name, email and other relevant details in a voice-based conversation and Chatbot technology that displays human-like ability to understand and respond to humans in a text based conversation.

These conversations could be between two or more people and set to any number of languages that will be translated in real time while a discussion is ongoing.

For example, you could have a conference call where you speak in English and the person or persons on the other end would speak Mandarin, which you will be able to understand as it is simultaneously translated to English by AI.

Dr Raj Kumar, CEO of UCSI Consulting Group “ This strategic partnership will further accelerate our vision to help companies future proof themselves mainly by embracing Value Innovation and adopting Blue Ocean Technologies, indeed the future is present!”