Refreshing Mirinda Raya festive film shows off wacky and colourful family antics

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PepsiCo’s beloved carbonated, fruit-flavoured beverage brand, Mirinda®, has teamed up with Entropia in a Raya festive film full of madcap family antics.

The wacky and colourful family, separated by social distancing, finds a fun and exciting way to celebrate Hari Raya this year with Mirinda. Undeterred by communicating only via Zoom video calls, with a bit of playful family rivalry thrown in, they sing, dance and come together virtually in an epic rap song battle to share their Raya experiences!

April Toh, principal at Entropia, commented, “The idea for the campaign came about as we wanted to showcase the excitement and refreshing taste of Mirinda’s flavours through the vibrant colours of the product. Additionally, we wanted to stand out from the various Raya ads that we see each year, and what better way than to have an energetic rap song, especially for younger Gen-Z fans of the brand.”

Jennifer Lee, Beverage Marketing Lead of PepsiCo, shared, “Mirinda is a refreshing, tongue tingling taste that makes you go AAAH! While we encounter another socially distanced festive, we are committed to preserving the spirit of togetherness during Raya and with content that both highlights our refreshing taste, AAAH! and inspiring creativity co-created with Raya festivities. That is why Mirinda is doing what it does best, bringing some joy and smile to consumers through this Raya campaign.”

Consumed in more than 200 countries and territories around the world, PepsiCo’s product portfolio includes a wide range of enjoyable foods and beverages in the APAC region, including a number of leading snack brands such as Cheetos, Doritos, Lay’s, and Smith’s, as well as various beverage brands such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mirinda, 7UP and Aquafina.

To add even more sparkle and fizz to the Raya festive period, Mirinda is also running a ‘Botol-Betul Raya’ Contest and consumers stand a chance to win prize money of up to RM200,000. Consumers just need to buy two (2) bottles of Mirinda 1.5 L in a single receipt – or any other participating products involved, i.e., Pepsi, Pepsi Black, Tropicana Twister, Lipton, Calpis and Goodday in 1L and 1.5L bottle/pack. Each receipt entitles the participant to one (1) WhatsApp entry, which can be sent to 012-6718310. The more you buy, the higher chances for you to win the prize pool!

Over the nine-week contest period (until 13 June 2021), participants can win 10 weekly Grand Prizes of RM1,000.00 Duit Raya each; and 62 Consolation Prizes of RM200.00 Duit Raya each.

The “Botol-Betul Raya” Competition is organised by Etika Sdn Bhd and is open to all Malaysian citizens over the age of 18. Click here for competition terms and conditions.

Follow the conversation via #MirindaRayaAAAH and watch the video here: