Sustainable and biodegradable packaging experts Skillful Packaging showcase their innovative EcoPure(R) Resin at Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week 2020

    Based on Cosmoprof Asia, Sustainable and biodegradable packaging experts Skillful Packaging showcase their innovative EcoPure(R) Resin at Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week 2020

    COVID-fuelled online purchasing and the ongoing surge in E-commerce have exponentially increased the amount of packaging going to landfill or recycling centers. Skillful Printing’s EcoPure® treated plastics enhance the biodegradation of plastic materials, ideal for use in landfill and bioreactors.

    2020 has been the year that has seen the biggest global shift to buying online. More online purchasing means more packaging to ensure the products arrive in good condition — and right now it is the environment that is paying the price. When the packaging includes plastic, the alarming number of years it takes for it to biodegrade is up in the hundreds.

    The Ultimate Solution to Plastics in Landfill

    This year, at Cosmoprof Asia Digital World, Skillful Printing, one of China’s most forward-thinking packaging supply providers, offers the ideal solution in the form of EcoPure®, their patented organic additive which converts plastics into biodegradable materials.

    A patented organic additive that enhances the biodegradation of plastics, EcoPure® is made from raw organic fossil fuel derivatives, and works optimally in biologically active anaerobic environments, such as landfills, anaerobic digesters and bioreactors.



    Skillful Printing’s biodegradable EcoPure® solution is available for a wide range of secondary packaging solutions such as pouches, PET boxes and vacuum trays

    EcoPure® Delivers a Win-Win-Win

    Good for the brand owner, their consumers and the environment, EcoPure® treated plastics are just as strong, durable and impact resistant as the originals. They maintain the same appearance and texture, and the same safety standards.

    EcoPure® resin is highly malleable, meaning it is applicable to both soft and hard plastic products, so it can be applied to unit cartons, items with box windows, pouches, sachets, vacuum trays and even plastic hooks and hangers, to mention just a few.

    Cost-wise, EcoPure® treated plastics are only a few percent higher than untreated plastics, and the treatment is available for large-scale order and minimum order quantities (MOQ).

    With the rise in ecommerce, solutions such as EcoPure are more and more essential for the environmental health of the planet, and Skillful’s PR box, rigid box, unit cartons and e-commerce boxes are the ideal answer

    End consumers and the world’s environment have made their voices heard and have demanded that providers focus on waste and the recyclability of the e-commerce packages they receive,” says Jason Lo, Skillful Printing Business Development Director.

    “We have entered a new era where environmental responsibility is inevitable for all brand owners and, most importantly, for packaging suppliers like us. Skillful Printing has stepped up by providing an affordable and accessible gateway for today’s product market by sharing the latest sustainable resource in EcoPure®. We believe it is the best-run companies that are achieving economic, social and environmental success, and that everyone can play their part.”

    SOURCE Cosmoprof Asia