Innovative Eye Cream Massage Pen By Foshan Huihong Hits The Market At Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week 2020


    New-to-market innovation, Foshan Huihong Plastic Industry’s new micro-current, vibrating thermal eye cream massage pen boosts absorption of skincare products while gently stimulating the delicate eye area for visible tightening and smoothing.

    “Eyes are not only the windows to our soul, they are also the windows to our age,” believes the team at Foshan Huihong Plastic Industry. Officially released for the first time at Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week 2020, the team unveiled the new, innovative gilt-packaged product that directly and gently warms the eyes’ delicate skin, stimulates the circulation, smoothes fine lines while optimally delivering the customer’s chosen skincare products.

    Eye care products have become hero products for all major cosmetics brands in recent years, meanwhile the eye cream market has become more and more homogenous. Now is the perfect time for a product with a fresh USP, and Foshan Huihong Plastic Industry has the answer.

    The production base of Foshan Huihong Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Zone A, Science and Technology Industrial Park, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

    Innovative and results-driven

    Foshan Huihong Plastic Industry’s micro-current eye cream tube pen includes a vibrating mode that gently massages the skin and a warm compress function that helps to open the pores, resulting in effective and improved skincare product delivery and absorption into the eye area.

    Customers squeeze the skincare through the discharge port of the massage head by hand, then apply the massage head to the eye area. Upon contact the pen will be triggered to enter heat and vibration mode, up to a constant temperature of 40±1°C, achieved within 30 seconds. When the pen leaves the skin it waits six seconds before turning off.

    The rolling action and the apex of the massage head both stimulate the peripheral nerves around the eyes, relieving eye fatigue and delaying the aging process. With a recommended session lasting 20 minutes, further visible results include a tightening of the skin, a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and relief from eye aches and pains.

    Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, the pen’s reactive ‘reading’ of the skin upon contact provides ensure efficient use. Once applied to the skin, the initial temperature increase will be first felt within five seconds, with a noticeable warmth within ten. The constant 40±1°C temperature is achieved within 30 seconds.

    USB charged, the massage pen uses 1.5V-3.0V and runs at a rated speed of 10,000+2,000 RPM. The official unified price of this product is $3.82.

    The mold department has multiple CNC (high speed), EDM (mirror), numerically controlled lathes, and multiple imported precision mold making equipment and coordinate measuring instruments

    Brands looking for products that are ideal for video marketing with obvious demonstrative properties will love this product. In addition, consumers looking for product differentiation and excellent product quality will find it compelling, effective, and results-driven.

    SOURCE Cosmoprof Asia