Homnicen Group and Harbin Beer China wins top honours at inaugural LIBA show.Homnicen Group and Harbin Beer China wins top honours at inaugural LIBA show.


    SINGAPORENov. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — London International Brand Awards (LIBA) is a new award show, born out of the world famous creatively-focused London International Awards (LIA). LIBA represents a shift to recognise successful businesses and marketers.

    The Winners of the LIBA 2019 on stage

     Mr Joseph Siu, Vice President and CEO of Homnicen Group, proudly receiving their LIBA Trophy from Miss Barbara Levy, President of LIA.

    In its first year, the first LIBA award was presented to Homnicen Group, for City Operations Enterprise Award of 2019, recognising its efforts and achievements in rebuilding and reshaping Guiyang City in China.

    The second award was presented to Harbin Beer China for Most Innovative Beer Brand of 2019, recognising its efforts and achievements in reaching out to China’s young generation.

    Barbara Levy, President of London International Awards (LIA) said at the ceremony, “The London International Brand Award (LIBA) is a special award that celebrates unique brands and their distinct marketing campaigns.”

    Gordon Tan, LIA Partner for Asia, said in his speech, “After more than 30 years of evaluating excellent advertising ideas at LIA, we are deeply aware that brands should occupy a crucial place in the creative arena. We are gathered today to celebrate the brands going forward. This is because we realised three years ago, when we presented the first statue of ‘Best Brand of the Year’ to Focus Media in China, that it is the brand which drives business success with their unique offers. Following this year’s inaugural LIBA, we look forward to celebrating and recognising many more brands in the future.”

    Levy presented the award to Joseph Siu, Vice President and CEO of Homnicen Group and CEO of Homnicen Commercial Management Company. Ltd. and a representative of Harbin Beer.

    In Mr Siu’s acceptance speech, he said that he appreciated Levy and LIBA for bestowing this award on Homnicen. He said, “Homnicen Group has a history of 20 years. With the development of our team, we will build a Flower Orchard Project with a total construction area of 18.3 million square meters. Our philosophy is to constantly improve people’s quality of life. With the progress of social development, we can make better cities and a better life for our residents. Our group has spent nearly ten years to build this brand, which is responsible for the whole community. We are focused on creating a wonderful living environment. This award is great recognition of our group’s efforts and I am thrilled to be honoured. In the future, we will continue to do our best. Whether in education or health, we will keep investing to build a world-class recuperation centre and make the life of Guizhou, China better. We also welcome talented people. Our goal is to become the operator of a smart city and make life better.”

    The 2020 LIBA will start on 1st April 2020. We hope more brands will enter to challenge for these awards next year.