Crisis Management for Communications Teams in GLC’s


    Crisis Management for Communications Teams in GLC’s
    17th October, 2019.

    When a crisis hits a Government Linked Company it can immediately become national news and have a direct impact on the perception of company’s performance.  Recent cases in Malaysia has seen this trend repeat itself in mainstream and social media.  Communications teams often feel under attack during a crisis yet there is a set of data driven case studies and specific strategies that can be implemented manage these situations.  Participants will enjoy a lunch and highly interactive 3 hour session that allows communications teams to quickly up-skill.

    Lunch is hosted by Nordin Abdullah, Managing Director of the Crisis Management Centre & Shafizan Johari, Strategist & Business TV Personality at Astro Awani & Alang Bendahara, Award winning journalist & former communications professional of a government enforcement agency.

    Location: Aloft Hotel @ KL Sentral
    Fee – RM350 per seat
    (limited to 10 participants per session)

    For more information visit Crisis Management Centre