Ethis’ latest equity crowdfunding campaign with Baloy has raised more than RM600,000 and counting

Baloy has initiated a 90-day equity crowdfunding (ECF) campaign on Ethis Malaysia for their latest business venture involving the local retail industry, which has raised RM625,594.46 since it kicked off on 2 July 2021. Baloy’s unique business model offers consumers essential products at the lowest cost – approximately three to 10 percent lower than competitors – and in the most convenient way.

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The conventional Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) supply chain model has resulted in
higher pricing of goods and products once it reaches the end consumers. Baloy’s new
ecosystem not only benefits all layers of the supply chain but also solves some of the
common challenges such as cost efficiency, disintermediation, logistics and delivery capacity.

Baloy effectively differentiates itself in the local retail space by offering the lowest price
possible. Baloy achieves this by combining both Consumer to Manufacturer (C2M) and
Online to Offline (O2O) concepts in their proposed business model. Consumers are impacted by food-based inflation. Due to this global crisis, consumer demand
for food has increased and food supply chains disrupted due to restrictions. Without
innovation in supply chains, food-based inflation will continue to erode consumers’
purchasing power.

Currently running on Ethis’ equity crowdfunding platform, Baloy’s fundraising campaign
aims to reach a minimum goal of RM6,000,000 with hopes of opportunists investing and
being a part of a growing e-commerce platform that would redefine online shopping in
Malaysia. Baloy also targets to give 15 percent dividend per annum to investors on their
investment amount should the company reach the projected milestones.

This investment opportunity allows investors the ability to participate in a mega trend set in
motion by the COVID-19 pandemic. Baloy has understood the need for digital innovation in
the critical supply chain for FMCG and effectively reducing costs for consumers. This
business model brings positive disruption to a segment of the market that requires
modernisation and efficiency to ensure that it remains sustainable.

“With the Malaysian groceries and food retailing industry expected to be valued close to
RM75 billion this year, Baloy aims to capitalise on the retailing industry through their
offerings that can benefit the society at large particularly the B40 and M40 segment in
Malaysia,” says Ethis Malaysia Chief Executive Officer Wan Mohd Dazriq Wan Zulkiflee.

“At Ethis, we strongly believe in investments that bring social benefit. As such, we are
honoured and humbled to be able to support this crowdfunding campaign with an aligned
vision of creating social impact that goes hand in hand with Ethis’ circulate good ambition in the real economy.”

“Our customers are really enjoying our concept,” says Yen Chee Yung, the Co-Founder and
CEO of Baloy. “But most importantly, customers can enjoy essential products at a much
lower price especially in this pandemic. We have high hopes for investors that wish to make a change in our community to join us in this ECF campaign on Ethis as well as make monetary returns in the long run as we continue to expand and grow over the long term in this food and groceries retailing industry.”

With an aligned vision of social impact, Ethis and Baloy are able to engage in this meaningful crowdfunding campaign with hopes of garnering more investors from interested parties.

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