We Care and We Share Love – Julie’s


    “What we don’t eat, we would never let customers eat” defines the Malaysian favourite biscuits moto to produce tasteful and quality biscuits to the consumers.

    The Malaysian own branded biscuit was founded by Perfect Food Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd and has been in the Malaysian market since 1985. Since then, “Julie’s” has built its reputation to become a household brand name known for quality and tasty biscuits in many Asia-Pacific regions. The most popular or signature products of Julie’s include Peanut Butter Sandwich, Golden Crackers, and Love Letters.

    The assorted biscuits in the array of packages and tins can be found in sundry shops to hypermarkets.

    The company which started with only 200 workers now has grown to almost 1200 workers with them. Moreover, their business expanded 40% locally and 60% internationally. Hence all the consumers taste different according to the countries as Malaysia more like on peanut butter while China more.

    “What we don’t eat, we would never let customers eat” this becomes our moto and Julie’s do not compromise on food quality and safety ‘ said the director Martin Ang.

    “All our products were baked with love and contain ‘the best of you’. We more into sharing the love to the consumers and very mindful of what our consumers’ tastes and preferences” said Martin.

    The processes will be monitored, recorded, improved and to guarantee that all products are manufactured within the defined tolerances. With the production of each biscuit, we, at Julie’s, hope to share our values and our love with everyone in the world. Today, our products have been enjoyed by our consumers in over 80 countries and we continue to make headway towards expenditure it to 100 over countries in three years of times said Martin during the interview.

    Having grown from a humble operation into Malaysia’s largest biscuit exporter, Perfect Food hopes to set an example for other local SMEs that aspire to grow their businesses overseas. All of the products had certified Halal by JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia).

    Reported by Kogilavani Vijan