Julie’s Shared The Love to Malaysia


    Kuala Lumpur- When you see a peanut butter biscuit, Julies Biscuit is the first thing that will pop up in your mind. Julies Biscuits, a well-known food manufacturing company that have been operated for the past 34 years in Malaysia. It never failed to produce a good quality  and tasty  biscuits not only for  Malaysian, but also for the rest of 80 countries.

    Julie’s products are proudly “baked with love” and contain “The Best of You” in each biscuit. “Baked with love” meant they put lots of love into baking biscuits for people while love means taking care of the taste, quality and being mindful of the customer’s taste and preferences. “The Best of You” means they have the best for customers and they put in the “best of our selves” into their work and duties.

    In 2001, Julie’s Biscuits launched a corporate social responsibility initiative. Mr Martin Ang the Director of Julie’s Biscuits said that “ We have started do the CSR program for a very long time. Such as visiting the old folks home, children home regardless of Malay, Chinese and India, we give them hamper to brighten up their day. Then, we came up with “Share the Love” program because we want something to identify us and we also have a lot a good element in Julies. Besides that, we also want to inspired people out there and “Share the love” to the society. Remember, whatever that we are doing, we must always give back to the society.”

    Other than that, an internal funding program, The Love Fund was established to support Julie’s staff who have personally or whose families have encountered medical emergencies. There is once an employee’s children were diagnosed of eye disease, the fund is use wisely as the cost of the spectacular were very costly.

    Furthermore, Julie’s Biscuits not only give “The Best of You” in their products but also to the society. “The Best of You” program was inspired by how does the Julie’s team carries. A demonstration of Julie’s belief in doing good to do well in business, this program also offers the staff and society a space to share their stories to get inspired.

    Mr Martin Ang said “I put colour and smile to the people face, I am happy to see the garbage collector happy and the drop the tear because nobody life as this worker and nobody care about him.” Although Mr Martin is a director but he always joined the program and help the people. “Our purpose is not built our self but we inspired more corporation and company contributing to the society because this is our beloved country.”