Julies Biscuit Bakes its Way Up


    As a kid, our favorite aisle has always been the biscuit. Our little hands were always tempted to grab every box and tin on the shelves, maternal restraint and of cause disciplined prevailed. Hence, we usually ended up with a tin of Julie’s Assorted Biscuit. As we grow older, nothing would come any close to biscuit and coffee during tea time in every household which could bring the loved once together by sharing these packets of joy.

    Julie’s biscuits are super famous in the country. Stepping into mini markets to hypermarkets, they can be found in variety of shape and size. From the colourful array of packages and tins everything from classics such as their cream crackers to cater the older generation, love letters to their famous peanut butter sandwiches and Hershey’s biscuits for their sweet tooth customers and kids. There is certainly something for everybody.

    Perfect Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd director Martin Ang said the target ultimately was for Julie’s to be the world’s largest biscuits exporter as Malaysia is a divest country that encourages development in the business sector. He said, “It is essential to develop the economy of the country as Malaysia provide us all the facilities that help us expend our resources”

    Malaysian biscuit brand Julie’s is looking to further expand its overseas market by exporting its baked goods with Love biscuits to 100 over countries, from the current 80, by 2020.

    Based on Ang’s viewpoints, competitors are not adversaries. They have no desire to begin an epic biscuit war in the domestic market. When probed about maintaining a competitive edge over other manufacturers, Ang is philosophical and diplomatic. Ang explained, “It is totally up to the customers on what type of biscuits brand they prefer”.

    Here, Julies is more into providing the best for their customers then to undergo unhealthy competition.  As compare and compete in that way, leads to complacency which is not ideal. This is because Julies only wanted to fully focus on developing their own brand.

    Julie’s ensures, its freshness achieved through stringent quality control. “Julie’s has cultivated the culture of ‘what we don’t eat, we don’t let others eat’ and ‘100% Baked With Love’ among the workers,” Ang mentioned.

    The international recognition has propelled Julie’s to a new height, but the company is looking to go even further to achieve great success in the future.

    Reported by Vinietha Veloo