Developmental Milestones of Julie’s

    Director of Julie’s Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

    Julie’s targeted to expand their business in three years’ time by reaching 100 countries of product exportation. Total number of countries in the world is 195.

    The company already established the business in over 80 countries around the world. The countries including Asian, the Middle East, Japan, Taiwan, China, Mongolia, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, France, Spain, Portugal, Pacific islands, Indian Ocean islands,South Korea, Africa, the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

    The most famous products are Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Love Letters. Both products now become market leader as most of the consumers love this product very much. Julie’s is not only famous with the biscuits production but also have contributed much to the society charity work.

    “This company love everyone, society and earth. What we don’t eat, we don’t let anyone eat, this is a very powerful philosophy which the founder introduced and we still following his word and we don’t use chemical in our product. For example, people think strawberry cream is pink color while the actual strawberry extract is white and we don’t use food coloring to make it pink,” said Julie’s Director, Martin Ang.

    “The company have own charity box and all the staff will contribute as much as they can, for the past 10 years we managed to collect over 380k and we use all the money for charity work for the society,” he added.

    The brand “Julie’s” has been in the Malaysian market since 1985. Julie’s biscuit distributed their product through different channel from urban to rural area so the products can be sold everywhere possible and all sector of community can easily find Julie’s biscuit when they want it.

    Reported by Shalini Katessan