HIKKY: Virtual Market 5, The World’s Largest Social VR Convention This December 2020

    According to latest statement issued by HIKKY Co., Ltd., HIKKY: Virtual Market 5, The World’s Largest Social VR Convention This December 2020.

    HIKKY Co., Ltd. has unveiled the 6 World Venue Concept Arts and opened the exhibition application of Virtual Market 5, the world’s largest social VR convention scheduled from December 19th 2020 to January 10th 2021 for 23 days on various SocialVR platforms. Now, HIKKY is aiming to improve Virtual Market (Vket) to be even more enjoyable for international attendees.

    Virtual Market is an event held on SocialVR platforms where visitors can purchase and download items paid and free from the exhibitors, varying from 3D data such as avatars and tools, to physical merchandise like computers or apparel. Besides shopping, attendees can also ride vehicles, watch videos, and socialize with other attendees in the virtual venues. Virtual Market can be easily accessed from PC, and VR devices are not required. Additionally, Virtual Market is open 24 hours during the event, which attracts visitors not only from Japan but all over the world.

    All Virtual Markets HIKKY has hosted had a theme; this time, the theme is “World Beyond”. In virtual worlds, people can meet anyone on the planet, and go anywhere in an instant. The virtual world is where physical distances become meaningless. The aim of Virtual Market 5 is to make Virtual Market more international. The logo has been changed to English from the Japanese which has been used up until Virtual Market 4, and Virtual Market is now supporting and accepting creators worldwide with increased English support, across every aspect of the Event.
    Apply Here for Exhibition: https://www.v-market.work/v5/lp

    Event Name: VIRTUAL MARKET 5
    Organizer: HIKKY Co., Ltd.
    Date: Dec. 19th 2020 – Jan. 10th 2021
    Location: Social VR platforms listed below
    VRChat: https://vrchat.com/ and other platforms (TBD)

    SOURCE : HIKKY Co., Ltd.