Asian Enterprise of Tomorrow Conference gathers global wisdom for entrepreneurship in China’s Chongqing

    Vanke Group Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors Wang Shi gives a keynote speech at the Asian Enterprise of Tomorrow Conference held in Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality on May 21st. (iChongqing photo)

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    On conclusion of the 2021 Asian Enterprise of Tomorrow Conference (AEOT) held under the banner of the 3rd Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade (WCIFIT), over 200 Asian corporate executives focused on the theme of Facing Challenges and Fostering Innovation to discuss the opportunities and challenges lying ahead for Asian companies.

    The 2021 AEOT was held on May 21st in southwestern China’s Chongqing Municipality as an important event of WCIFIT. Invitations were extended to Asian politicians, World Fortune 500 company executives, famous Asian entrepreneurs, as well as academics, media, and guests from China and abroad met for discussion and exchange.

    Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea Lee Nak-yeon, Vanke Group Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors Wang Shi, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation Vice President Li Lei, Chongqing Sokon Group Founder Zhang Xinghai, and 22 other high profile guests conducted keynote speeches and roundtable discussions online and offline, centered around the theme of Creating Impossible Realities.

    Lee Nak-yeon said online that Chongqing has achieved remarkably and WCIFIT adds radiance to city development.

    Wang Shi explained the significant influence of Asian culture in corporate life, emphasized the leading role of entrepreneurship in enterprise growth, and called on entrepreneurs to play a leading role in assuming social responsibilities.

    This conference has brought together Asian wisdom as corporate executives from the region were invited to share their international perspectives, with focus on the four main themes of Asian Opportunities Shared Globally, New Industrial Opportunities in the Pandemic Context, Responsibility for Emission Reductions and Green Manufacturing, and Chongqing: International Logistics Hub and New Space for Development.

    Under the guidance of national policies, Chinese manufacturers are also undergoing transformation from traditional models to sustainable green production. This transition has been most obvious in the automotive industry. China is now the largest market for new energy vehicles, while the quality of such vehicles manufactured domestically occupies a leading position in the world.

    An international questionnaire survey of 1,800 chief executive officers in six main regions has shown that optimism about the global economic outlook has reached a record level, as 76% of respondents believe the economy will improve in 2021. The survey has also shown that internet crises have become a main cause of sleepless nights, second only to the pandemic.

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