Green Power Energy’s 20 MW Taungdaw Gwin Build-Own-Operate Solar Plant commissioned in Myanmar

    Myanmar’s latest solar energy plant, the 20 megawatts (MW) build-own-operate (BOO) Taungdaw Gwin project, has been officially opened, adding a new chapter to the country’s sustainability and electrification efforts, announced its developer recently.

    The project was developed by Green Power Energy Company Limited (GPE), a subsidiary of Gold Energy Company Limited (GE), a leading renewable energy developer in Myanmar.

    Taungdaw Gwin is the second mega-scale solar project to be completed by the GE group. Clean Power Energy Limited, another GE subsidiary, completed the 30 MW Thapyay Wa project in Mandalay district in December 2021.

    Photo by Green Power Energy Limited / NHA File Photo
    Photo by Green Power Energy Limited / NHA File Photo

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    With the official opening of the Taungdaw Gwin project, GE’s solar energy capacity stands at 50 MW. GE also operates the 120 MW Thaukyegat (2) Hydropower Project (TYG), commissioned in 2013.

    Located on an 80.9-hectare site southeast of Kyaukse, Myit Thar Township, the Taungdaw Gwin project utilizes a solar tracking system so as to maximize photovoltaic (PV) energy captured by 45,980 solar panels. The project is expected to generate 25.1 MW of direct current or 22.9 MW of alternating current per year.

    The Taungdaw Gwin project began transmission to the National Grid on 17 November 2022. The energy output is directly linked to the Taungdaw Gwin substation and is connected to the national grid via a 69.6 km 33-kV transmission line built by GPE.

    In line with its commitment to give back to the community, the GPE team conducted an in-depth Environmental and Social Impact Assessment before construction. This enabled an understanding of the impact on nearby communities and the environment and helped to facilitate construction in a responsible and sustainable manner.

    Through engaging with local community leaders to understand the needs of the residents surrounding Taungdaw Gwin, the GPE team constructed and installed two overpasses measuring 20.1 metres long by 4.5 metres wide. These and other efforts have improved socio-economic benefits to the community in this otherwise harsh area which had faced challenges of accessibility during the development phase of this important project.

    U Zaw Win, Managing Director of GPE, said: “We are proud of the successful completion of the Taungdaw Gwin solar facility. We look forward to a sustainable energy source for the future of Myanmar.

    “As a partner in nation-building, GPE is deeply committed to infrastructure development and sustainability in Myanmar. This and other renewable energy projects we are involved in will increase the contribution of renewable energy to the national grid while advancing the country’s national electrification goals.”

    Source: Green Power Energy Limited