For Mothers, By Mothers: Nuren Group announces 100 winning parenting brands at Motherhood Choice Awards 2022

    • Motherhood Choice Awards 2022 announces over 100 winning brands, including Manulife, Clearblue, Ayam Brand, BZU BZU and Bio Oil, that have prioritised innovation in its products for Malaysian mothers
    • The prizes and nominations were determined by over 133,864 votes from over 5,000 Malaysian mothers over the period of 4 months from 1st May to 16th September
    • The ceremony also celebrated the soft launch of the Motherhood’s latest Parenting application known as The Parenting SuperApp by Motherhood 
    • The event also honoured 25 Supermum influencers including Suraya Borhan, Azliyantie Iberahim, and Iffah Hazim for their heartwarming contributions to bringing Motherhood’s community closer and stronger
    Petrina Goh, CEO & Co-Founder of Nuren Group giving an opening speech to the guests of Motherhood Choice Awards 2022

    Subscribe to our Telegram channel to get a daily dose of business and lifestyle news from NHA – News Hub Asia!, Malaysia’s number one parenting platform offering resources for mothers and mothers-to-be under Nuren Group, has commemorated over 100 brands during the Motherhood Choice Awards (MCA) 2022,  an award ceremony established to recognise the safest and most innovative mother and baby brands in the Malaysian market. After a year of hiatus in 2020, this year’s MCA marks the prestigious award’s third edition in celebration of the award’s much-anticipated comeback after the pandemic, and in lieu of a robust outlook for Motherhood for the upcoming year. 

    Celebrating excellence and creative innovation of brands that contributed to helping mothers and women through motherhood, this year’s award boasted nominations in an array of categories from Pregnancy to Newborn, to Toddler and Family, and many more. Through hosting a voting period for 4 months from 1st May – 16th September, this year’s nominees and winners cumulatively were selected by over 5,000 moms across the nation who casted their votes on their most trusted and beloved brands.

    With over 130,000 votes from the mothers who participated in the voting period, the valued guests of Motherhood Choice Awards 2022 proudly witnessed a deserving Manulife Malaysia, Clearblue, Bio-Oil, Ayam Brand, BZU BZU, Anmum Materna, Anmum Essential, Vitagen, CryoCord, Tommee Tippee, Byond28 Confinement Care, Baby Carrie, Carrie Junior, Bubs Easy-Digest Goat formula milk, Babylove, Tanamera, Sunway Pyramid and Dr Aizul Hafizi Healthcare emerge as the top voted brands of the year for their astonishing contributions to the motherhood and parenting community. 

    From left to right: Wandoncha, Nadia Hana, Liyana Jafry, Maton Shukor, Creative Director at Nuren Group/Motherhood, Lyvia Chong, Dhaniyah Ridzuan, Amira Ahmad, Azalia Suhaimi, Ashue Samsudin. | Photo by Nuren Group/NHA File Photo
    From left to right: Wandoncha, Nadia Hana, Liyana Jafry, Maton Shukor, Creative Director at Nuren Group/Motherhood, Lyvia Chong, Dhaniyah Ridzuan, Amira Ahmad, Azalia Suhaimi, Ashue Samsudin. | Photo by Nuren Group/NHA File Photo

    Commenting on this momentous occasion, Petrina Goh, Co-Founder and CEO of Nuren Group shared, “I’m utterly proud of this year’s winners including those who have been nominated. It is no mystery to us that motherhood or parenthood takes commitment and much effort. These brands who dedicate themselves to providing exceptionally useful products and solutions for parents and children in Malaysia often go underappreciated. Hence, the real silent heroes helping mothers through their daily life are the brands that are being recognised in this ceremony.  Big congratulations to them all.”

    Besides honouring the top winning brands in the award ceremony, Motherhood Choice Awards 2022 also dedicate time to provide accolades to the Supermum influencers from, the influencer marketing house under Nuren Group who have been a big part of the Motherhood community, constantly engaging and bringing jovial yet educational content to moms all across Malaysia. 25 beautiful and empowering Supermum influencers including Wandoncha, Suki Kiew, Amira Ahmad, Cherish Ling were also honoured during the ceremony.

    The cocktail soiree was attended by over 150 valued guests including representatives of the brands from various industries, Supermum influencers as well as friends and partners of Nuren Group and Hosted in collaboration with collaborating partners, Shangri-la Kuala Lumpur, Famsy Sdn Bhd and BloomThis Flora Sdn Bhd, Motherhood Choice Awards 2022 also included a networking session, giving all attendees opportunities to interact with one another and potentially built fruitful partnerships. 

    Well known as one of the most established awards programs in the parenting community, Motherhood Choice Awards aims to champion the very brands that have contributed towards aiding women before and throughout their momentous journey of motherhood. With this year’s slogan “For mothers, by mothers”, the program ensured to provide real mothers the opportunity to be part of the award and the community through the public voting method – allowing mothers to then share their voices towards other mothers.

    “Here at Nuren Group and, we prioritise our dedication towards women and mums because providing community is something that is important for anyone entering a new phase in life. Motherhood Choice Awards aims to be the leading program that showcases recognition for the brands who have proven themselves in providing exceptional products and services that have helped to ease the motherhood journey for millions of mothers in the country as well as regionally,” she added. 

    Motherhood Choice Awards 2022 will continue on this initiative of providing a space for mothers to reveal their top choices of brands and services. The award also plays a role as a platform that opens doors for industry leaders, brands and mom KOLs to socialise and nurture connections with one another, expanding their network in the industry to nurture potential partnerships for the future betterment of this niche yet expanding industry. 

    Life is A Journey with The Parenting SuperApp by Motherhood

    Guests and attendees of this year’s Mother Choice Awards also had the chance to experience the soft launch of Nuren Group’s upcoming offering,  The Parenting SuperApp by Motherhood. Carefully planned out and designed with the intention to democratise information on parenting and motherhood life, the application is the latest innovation by the company. 

    The Parenting SuperApp by Motherhood hopes to bring mothers closer to information and content relating to pregnancy, motherhood, childcare and more. The SuperApp is also set to showcase more unique features including an Ovulation & Due Date Calculator, Pregnancy Tracker, and frequent Community Programs for mothers to join and connect with other women within the Motherhood community. 

    The Parenting SuperApp by Motherhood has been in development for 6 months – perfecting its designs and features to make it user friendly for all parents and expecting mothers. The SuperApp has acquired close to 5,000 downloads in the beta testing round in the past few months.  

    Kelvin Leow, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Nuren Group expounds, “In this constantly advancing society, we understand and believe that it is crucial to go digital. The parenting industry is a relatively niche market but that doesn’t mean attention should not be given to it. So far, we’ve acquired over five thousand downloads of the app with our Beta Testing feature. With The Parenting SuperApp by Motherhood, we hope to provide mothers, parents and even caregivers the accessibility to information, solutions and creative content on all the aspects of parenting. Hence, I believe that this creation is not just an ambitious goal but also a noble one.” 

    The application is set to be officially launched in Q2 2023 and Motherhood is hoping to continue its efforts to further strengthen the motherhood community through the app.

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    To learn more about Motherhood Parenting SuperApp, kindly download the SuperApp here: 

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